Sailing the New Hallberg-Rassy 50
The black carbon edition

 16 December 2020

The all new Hallberg-Rassy 50 with exotic sails and spars

The postponement of the Düsseldorf Boat Show has delayed the official, international premiere of the much-awaited Hallberg-Rassy 50. As compensation, click here for some fantastic photos of her being put through her paces outside the Rassy yard, at Ellös, on the west coast of Sweden.  The first Hallberg-Rassy 50  is an impressive sight with Elvstrøm's carbon membrane sails and Seldén's carbon fibre furling rig.

Hallberg-Rassy has been building cruising yachts for over 70 years and recognise that the family, cruising sailor needs passage making performance, in comfort, on a yacht that can be handled by one person from the cockpit and has promoted push-button sailing on their larger yachts since the early 1990s.  In co-operation with the sailmakers Elvstrøm and spar makers Seldén, Hallberg-Rassy has proven the efficiency, reliability and performance of in-mast furling mainsails and the carbon furling rig is the logical next step, with the significant weight saving windward performance is enhanced and there is a dramatic reduction in pitch and roll giving greater crew comfort.

The new HR50 with optional carbon rig will be the pinnacle of easily managed, fast, comfortable cruising design with a sail plan that can be set, reefed and furled away by the helmsman without stepping away from the wheel. The revised dates for the Düsseldorf boat show are 17th - 25th April 2021, If you would like more info on the HR50 or the opportunity to view her or sail her in the spring give our office or call on 023 8045 4000 

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