The Q Flag Returns to Channel Sailors
Changing reporting requirements

 23 December 2020

The Q Flag Returns to Channel Sailors

If you have not been sailing outside EU waters in the last thirty years you may have forgotten where you left your Q Flag but if you intend to enjoy the delights of Normandy and Britany in 2021 you better get to the chandlery quick as there could be a run on yellow flags.

With other concerns taking prevalence this summer, it would have been easy to forget that we have left the EU and following the end of the transition period whether there is a last minutes deal or not there will be new reporting requirements when entering EU member states or returning to the UK from a member state.

Customs reporting is only one of the changes that will affect the UK yachtsman there will be certification consequences and many yachts will have altered VAT status. Provided we take note of the new regulations most channel yachtsman will be able to have long weekends and summer cruises in our EU neighbours’ waters as normal, the weather will still be a little warmer and dryer and the food and wine will be just as good.  HMRC has released a notice that gives details of the new reporting requirements and other details will become clear next month. for details of Notice 8, click here.

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