Tips to help you sell your Hallberg-Rassy
(for the highest price)

 29 January 2024

Tips to help you sell your Hallberg-Rassy

Its been at the back of your mind for a while but slowly the thought of selling your beloved Hallberg-Rassy sailing yacht has come to the fore and the decision has now been made, its time to find a new owner for her.
But where do you find such a person, what can you expect to get for her and how do you legally pass on ownership to new owners can all seem daunting prospects to begin with. However, with the help of this article and the experienced team at Transworld Yachts, parting with your pride and joy need not be a traumatic and stressful experience.

It will be no surprise for you to read that our first recommendation is to appoint a well-regarded, experienced broker who is familiar with your vessel. Transworld Yachts have been selling Hallberg-Rassy yachts for a long time, chances are we were pitching your model as a New Boat in years gone by, we know how to present the best possible case for a potential buyer to make the right choice  and buy your Hallberg-Rassy.
Listing her with one of the most successful Hallberg-Rassy agents worldwide will also give buyers confidence in the vessel and reassurance that any nasty surprises in the early years of ownership have been mitigated as far as possible

Once you’ve given your vessel the best representation the next thing to concentrate on is her presentation to buyers. Your brokers ‘fresh eyes’ are a big benefit here, helping you see your yacht in the eyes of a buyer.
In an ideal world the yacht will be emptied of personal belongings and effects; sadly the personal boat gifts from years gone by don’t necessarily further your cause. Buyers want firstly to see the boat underneath all the extra cushions, drink bottles food items etc and secondly need an empty canvas to envision there own family sailing heirlooms adorning the shelves, lockers and dare I say it… bulkheads! Furthermore a boat devoid of such items is far easier to present (and keep)  clean for each viewing. Lastly, don’t forget to clear out cockpit lockers too!
Understandably not all yachts for sale can be presented in show room condition all year round, the yacht may be in use by the seller, or winter conditions may necessitate the use of heaters and or stowage of sails down below, ashore storage can be useful in these cases. However every boat collects stuff over time and surprising head way can be made into clearing a yacht even if she is still in use and sailing. As a general rule, if you are expecting to take one boot full of your effects off the boat you will no doubt find two car loads!

It is really important that the broker goes the extra mile preparing a boat for each viewing and most importantly, for photographs. Moving items out of shot and taking the time to photograph important equipment installed out of sight is essential for your vessels ‘kerb appeal’ online. There is nothing inspiring for a buyer about visiting a boat with dirty bins in the heads or lockers piled high with damp equipment!

As well as pictures and video, a description of your vessel will also have to be prepared, describing what is on board and should also include any recent works of significance and spare parts of notable value. Ultimately the description will form part of the sales agreement so be sure to have all the listed items in good working order as a good surveyor want to see all items in the description working.

Location should also be considered and if possible plans made to have the vessel located in a place where she will be seen and can be accessed easily. Not all buyers have a clear idea of the best boat for their needs and they will often view many boats of all shapes and sizes before zoning in on their preference. Hiding a boat for sale in an obscure boat yard or out on a swinging mooring accessible only by dinghy will greatly reduce the footfall and exposure of your boat to buyers in the market. Poor location can significantly affect the final selling price.
Transworld Yachts, located at the mouth of the Hamble is in a prime position for selling your Hallberg-Rassy. Purpose built steps are used to give easy access and buyers can usually view a range of boat sizes and ages in one visit. The yachts are regularly cleaned and checked to keep them in show room condition for every visitor.

Buyers are always more attracted to vessels with a good service history, this can be in the form of receipts or hand written notes. Evidence of regular servicing and following manufacturers recommendations is essential to your own safety and agreeing the maximum sales price. A professional service before placing the vessel for sale is always worthwhile and spending a few hours cleaning inside the engine bay is also highly recommended!

Following the guideline above your yacht should now be an attractive proposition to buyers. Clean, tidy, easy accessible and a knowledgeable broker to hand, she has the best chance to achieve as high price as the market allows, now it is time to set that price.
Markets go up as well as down and using the services of an experienced broker will give you the benefit of data relating to the sale of similar boats in the recent past. A fair price should be set from the beginning to bring buyers onboard. Other than the depths of Winter in January perhaps, you should expect good interest in your yacht throughout the year and proper pricing will promote a prompt sale.

The team at Transworld Yachts have decades of experience selling used Hallberg-Rassy yachts and are full members of the Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents.
If you are thinking of selling or changing your yacht make sure you contact us to discuss your requirements.  Tel +44 (0) 2380 45 4000.








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